In 1935 Cesare Rondolino decided to become a farmer, better to say a ‘rice producer’. Later he decided to purchase the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara which was famous for its fertile fields and abundance of water, thus particularly suited to rice growing.

In 1972 his son Piero joined him, to help continue the typical large-scale venture, where the most productive varieties were grown to achieve maximum yields for the commercial rice processing industry.

In 1992, after this long experience, Piero developed Acquerello: a superior form of Extra quality Carnaroli, aged to perfection.

In 2000, supported by positive feedback from experts and consumers, Piero and his son Rinaldo decided to reduce the terrain cultivated to the 140 most fertile hectares and sow only one variety of rice: the Carnaroli, certainly regarded by Italians as the most highly valued variety of rice for risotto and similar dishes. They also started their collaboration with the Slow Food association that chose the Torrone della Colombara as their learning centre for the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG).

Today the people who contribute to the growth of Acquerello are: Umberto and Anna, brother and sister of Rinaldo, working on image and design, as well as Maria Nava, Piero’s wife, in sales and marketing. All continue to ensure and develop the highest standards for Acquerello.


@Gianni Berengo Gardin


Piero and Maria Nava Rondolino

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