In the fields of the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate rice has been grown since the end of 1400, when rice farming began in the northern part of Italy.

In 1571 the Colombara’s Church became a parish, creating the “Mondo Cascina” (world in the farm) comprising a church, cemetery, tavern and houses.

The farm was handed down through different noble families acting as cadet branches of the Savoy family, later kings of Italy, until the year 1868 when it was acquired by the Magnani family from the town of Biella. In 1935 Cesare Rondolino became its third owner.

In 2002 the Rondolino family built a new rice milling plant, where new technologies – modern and traditional – were established, in order to maximize quality during rice processing.

Over the following years, in memory of its tradition, we gradually filled up the estate rooms: old workshops, living quarters, the school, the rice workers (Mondine) dormitory. Every single object was placed where it once was, without any restoration. The rooms seem to be totally untouched by the passage of time.

At Tenuta Torrone della Colombara great emphasis has been placed on the natural habitat, aiming to repopulate bats and dragonflies, so as to limit the number of mosquitos in the most natural and ecological way.

The farmyard

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