Thanks to the Rondolino family, Acquerello is the only rice in the world that is still refined with a machine called the helix. The helix is just one of the 20 different steps that each grain must undertake to finally become Acquerello. All imperfect grains are discarded during the process.

The helix, invented in 1884, is still considered the best whitening machine that allows the rice to reach the highest gastronomic level. Different from any other industrial method, where the rice is whitened energetically in about six seconds through a very thin slit (6mm space),  in the helix the rice spirals slowly downwards, into a 20cm space for 10 minutes. It gently rubs grain against grain and so optimises nutritional values which with other bleaching methods can easily be lost, thus preserving the integrity of the germ.

Only this exclusive refining process leaves each grain perfectly intact, without scratches, therefore perfect before and after cooking.

Riseria Riso Acquerello

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