The most tasty and healthy rice in the world has been the main guest in a farewell recipe by Beatrice, who has been eliminated during the 6th episode of the TV program MasterChef Italia, broadcasted on Sky Uno HD channel every Thursday from 9.10pm to 10.10pm, and replayed every Friday at 01.40pm and every  Saturday  at 9.10pm.


In the episode 21 of  Masterchef Magazine (previews are broadcasted everyday at 7.40pm, and replayed the following day at 4.20am, 8.20am, 12.35am, 12.55am and 7.20pm) , Beatrice has engaged herself in the preparation of a recipe titled “Aged risotto by Bea”. To prepare the dish, she used Acquerello, the only rice in the world to be aged for 7 years. The exclusive qualities of Acquerello The Ultimate Rice – cultivated, whitened and packed in the historical Tenuta Colombara in Livorno Ferraris (Vercelli) by the Rondolino family –  have helped Beatrice to make her dish outstanding.

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sito acquerello masterchef 2013 final


Acquerello, the ultimate rice with exclusive qualities, is the new protagonist of the Italian version of Masterchef, the very popular talent show dedicated to food lovers with the chefs #BrunoBarbieri#JoeBastianich and #CarloCracco as judges. Stay tuned!




Young chef and star of worldwide gastronomy, Jamie Oliver is showing more and more interest for the Italian food culture. This time he has turned on the cameras of his TV channel ‘FoodTube’, and he has selected the exclusive location of Tenuta Colombara in Livorno Ferraris, where Acquerello The Ultimate Rice was born.

His TV program episodes focus on Gennaro Contaldo’s buoyancy and congeniality: Gennaro is a very popular ambassador of Italian food in Great Britain, and he will look after the right locations for his very essential cooking sets, placing them in some corners of the Colombara farm, home of the Rondolino’s family.

Harvest Acquerello Rice


Today, September 17th we began harvesting Acquarello Rice.

The paddies were sown on Saturday April 6th and after 164 days the starch in the Acquarello had reached the ideal level; a few days later than usual because we had a cold Spring.

We will immediately begin slow-drying the paddy rice at a low temperature (30°-35°C) and after three days the Acquarello dried to 14% humidity will be poured into the silos, where it will rest for a few days. It will then be refrigerated to lower the temperature from 30°C to 14°C.

Then the lengthy process of aging will begin, from 1 to 7 years,  in order to guarantee the optimal stability of the starch, essential for maximising the qualitative and organalectic qualities of the rice.

Acquarello Rice will cook to perfection, the grains will keep their bite, will not stick together and will take up the flavour of whatever sauce is used.

Harvest Riso Acquerello

Boffi Chelsea Acquerello


After the great success of the event “What are we made of? From the field to the plate “, organized on February 28th at the historic showroom in Solferino street in Milan, Acquerello rice will take part to a new event hosted by Boffi that, since 1934, has been carrying forward innovation and design applied to Italian kitchens.
The event is scheduled on Thursday, June 6th, in the rooms of Boffi outlet in Chelsea (London), where the most excellent manufacturers of Italian gastronomy and design will meet for a dinner with lovers of ‘Made in Italy’ food.
 Lapo Querci, young executive chef from Ristorante Guido, will cook for his guests in the name of quality, innovation, design, tradition and sustainability, creating a menu that will enhance the taste of each ingredient, acting like a tale of ancient flavors and new interpretations.

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