Mercoledì Riso

We aim to show the world that rice tastes good and is good for you.

So, we have planned a simple teaching project destined for the fourth year classes of all European junior schools. The objective of the project, Mercoledì Riso (which means Rice on Wednesday), organized in cooperation with the International Association Slow Food, is the correct use of rice in children’s diets.

Classes who took part to the first Edition have carried out a research project on rice and have presented a recipe based on rice that they would like to see on the menu of their school canteen.
The project has gained official recognition from Progetto Scuola, the interactive platform that Expo Milano 2015 has dedicated to educational projects, from nursery school to University. The Mercoledì Riso project has been reported among the Best Practices on the Carta of Milan.

Visit the official website or YouTube in order to see and feel all the emotions of the Mercoledì Riso final day.


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