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The Tinkoff team is particularly aware of one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s behaviour: nutrition.

A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and mineral salts is essential for improving sports performance, because during intense training or repeated events, an athlete may lack these nutrients.

The ideal diet for Tinkoff athletes includes rice: not just any rice, but a product that we have selected with care to reach two fundamental objectives.

The only rice that passed their selection process, with an excellent result from both the gastronomic profile and the nutritional and health standpoint, was Acquerello.

Moreover, its extraordinary and unexpected flavour, and Its inimitable qualities in the kitchen, met the expectations of the athletes also from a sensorial point of view.

However, the most surprising aspect is nutritional, because Acquerello, in addition to the qualities of the best white rice that make any recipe delicious, also includes the health benefits of wholegrain rice thanks to an exclusive patented process that returns the germ to the grains. It is particularly rich in numerous nutritional elements useful for sports people: the vitamins (those most present are the hydro soluble thiamine (B1) and pyridoxine (B6) and the lipo soluble (vitamin E), the minerals (such as iron and magnesium, both essential minerals for sports activities) plus free amino acids (in particular essential amino acids such as lysine, histidine and valine) and the essential fatty acids.

This is why Acquerello has a precise role in the diet of the Tinkoff athletes, providing proteins and essential amino acids, encouraging the reintegration of any vitamin or mineral deficits and improving, in a natural manner, the performance of the athletes.

We are proud to support the Tinkoff team who is currently taking part in the Giro d’Italia and who, in July, will be the protagonist at Tour de France.


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